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Are you a student of personal transformation? Joe Wilner is a life coach, therapist, and author who is passionate about helping people live a full, rich, and meaningful life...

  • Meditation Training

    Struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?

    Meditation is one of the most effective tools for stress relief, promoting wellness and for spiritual development and practice. By learning to meditate you can transform your emotional and physical well-being! Learn more

  • Awakening Sessions

    It's Time to See Life Through New Eyes With Awakening Sessions

    A transformational coaching program that helps you unveil your purpose, potential and make lasting positive change by breaking through the interferences holding you back! Learn more

  • Trigger Positive

    Are You Ready for Your Trigger Positive Revolution?

    A complete guide to living with greater joy and happiness, deepening and expanding relationships, and living a life of purpose and significance. Learn more

Uncover a wealth of resources over at Joe's blog, Shake Off the Grind, and begin to thrive.

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